Hi do you know of a platform that offers a trustee account, please?

01 November 2021

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Question by Roger

Hi do you know of a platform that offers a trustee account, please?

Answered by Allie Llewellyn

Hi Roger,

Thank you for your question.

There are a number of different accounts that you are able to hold within a trust including cash, stocks, bonds, and other types of assets, and a number of different platforms and providers who will offer these accounts. The correct platform for you will depend on a number of factors, including the objectives for the trust, and the type of account you are looking to establish.

When setting up a new account within a trust it is also important to remember that as a trustee you have a duty to manage the trust assets effectively and invest prudently and in the interest of beneficiaries taking into account appropriate levels of risk, and giving consideration to relevant taxation.

I would suggest speaking to a financial adviser to better understand the options available to you and how to best approach them.

Answered by

Allie Llewellyn

Financial Planner

Allie is an Independent Financial Planner at Mazars LLP, based in the Birmingham Office, advising individuals and business owners. She works with her clients to deliver bespoke holistic financial planning advice to help them achieve their personal and financial goals throughout the different stages of life.