How do I compare pension providers for costs?

24 July 2023

Question by Peter

How do I compare pension providers for costs such as PensionBee (all inclusive) and Vanguard or AJ Bell who have additional fees?

Answered by Lee Wells

Hi Peter,

Comparing pension companies should be more simple, but as you have already found it can be comparing an 'apple with a pear'!

Some things you should consider are:

  • Do you want to make your own investment fund choices or would you prefer guidance or advice?

  • Do you want to change your funds regularly?

  • What options do you want when it comes to drawing your income?

Sometimes 'cheap' comes with restrictions, but that is not to say expensive provides more quality. Value for money is of course best.

My suggestion is always to ask a qualified adviser to assess your options for you, particularly if they have robust impartial compliance departments who will ensure they demonstrate what choice is in your best interest.

Answered by

Lee Wells

Managing Partner - Financial Planner

When Lee got his first job in the 90’s his father said ‘you should go to see my financial adviser’ (he didn’t’ know he had one). Lee dutifully went to see him and was converted by the common sense advice he was given on saving and investing for his future. He liked it so much he joined the company so he could help other people learn how to invest. Lee now runs a company passionate about providing value for money advice on a whole range of areas.