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How do I set up an employer's pension for myself as director?

06 July 2022

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Question by Michael

How do I set up an employer's pension, for myself as director, investing in investment trusts?

Answered by Andrew Neligan

Hi Michael,

If you are the only employee or you just want a separate pension for yourself you don't need a specific employer's pension scheme. A standard personal pension scheme should be able to accept a contribution from a third party such as a company.

If you are happy doing it yourself most of the direct-to-consumer platforms listed on the Boring Money website will offer this.

I hope this helps.


Answered by

Andrew Neligan

Chartered & Certified Financial Planner

Typically, I work with individuals and couples who have got to the point in their lives that they have important questions about money they want answering. They may be thinking about retirement in the next 5 to 10 years but they are worried they won’t have enough so they want to make sensible decisions now. Or, they really want to retire sooner, but either they don’t know if they can afford to, or they are afraid they will make decisions that they may later regret.