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How does Boring Money rate the Tilney ethical cash ISA?

31 March 2022

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Question by Catherine

How does Boring Money rate the Tilney ethical cash ISA?

Answered by Oliver McDonald

Hi Catherine,

Thank you for your question.

These questions come through to advisers based around the UK, rather than Boring Money directly. However, if you cannot find any information or a comparison on this site for the Tilney ethical ISA, you may need to complete your own research.

You mentioned a 'Tilney ethical cash ISA'. Cash ISAs are not investments, so there are no ethical investments within cash ISAs. I have not come across an ethical cash ISA, so I assume you mean Tilney's ethical Stocks & Shares ISA...

Firstly, you should think about why you are investing and what are your long-term goals. Investments should be held for 5 years+ ideally. If you have particular ethical concerns, you will need to research providers that include/exclude the types of investments you prefer.

If you have a certain amount (normally £250k+), a discretionary fund manager may construct a portfolio specifically based on your ethical and investment objectives.

Alternatively, sustainable funds actively invest in companies that meet strict sustainability measures. With both ethical & sustainable funds, you won't have control over the investment choice, but both will have a full explanation of their investment strategy/choice etc.

There are several sites through a quick Google search that compare ethical/sustainable ISAs. Alternatively, seeking advice from an independent financial planner would be the next step.

I hope that helps.


Answered by

Oliver McDonald

Director & Independent Financial Adviser

I have worked in financial services for 15 years gaining extensive experience in financial planning. I am a people person. You will rarely find me explaining complex spreadsheets or using jargon. I keep my conversations at a high level and realised early on that financial planning is all about helping my clients achieve the lifestyle they want in future. I work with individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs. I specialise in retirement planning, investments and business protection.