How on these robo accounts do you transfer an ISA rather than set up a new one?

04 August 2022

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Question by Ann

I have an ISA getting 0.01% interest. I have 20k in it - how on these robo accounts do you transfer an ISA rater than set up a new one

Answered by Tarnia Elsworth

Hi Ann,

Thank you for submitting a question, it is lovely to hear from you.

I have taken a look at the top rated Robo Advice firms as suggested by Boring Money, and copied the links below on how they work for transferring ISAs.

I really hope that they provide the instruction you need.

If you want to speak with an adviser before you take that course of action, a lot of financial advisers offer a free consultation to answer any concerns you may have (us included).

I hope your quest for a better return on your investment is successful.

All the best
TP Financial Solutions

Answered by

Tarnia Elsworth

Financial Adviser

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