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I am looking to consolidate my pensions

07 January 2022

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Question by Robin

I have £80k in a Vanguard ISA. I am looking to consolidate my pensions, currently in 4 different funds, total around £200K. If I transfer them to the Vanguard pension, so I will have just short of £300K with Vanguard, way over the £85k FCA limit. What happens to my money if Vanguard fail? Would I be better to put my pension funds elswhere to split the risk?

Answered by Kris Amliwala

Hi Robin,

Thank you for your question.

Vanguard are a multi-billion dollar, international company, with diversification into various sectors of personal finance and investing. Whilst nothing is certain, the size of Vanguard helps to reduce the risk of institution failure. However, if you are so concerned, then yes, you could spread the money across institutions and review this based on your investment growth.


Answered by

Kris Amliwala

Chartered Financial Planner

I really enjoy helping people align their wealth to their life goals and ambitions. By first spending time in understanding you, your life and your goals, before looking at cashflow planning and then if needed, any financial solutions, I find delivers the most rewards.