I have found my late uncle's unsigned 'Deferred payment arrangement'. Is there an implied contract so I have to pay?

11 October 2021

Question by Rory

Hi can you help. I'm handling my late uncle's estate and I've recently been made aware of a 'Deferred payment arrangement' with Newcastle city council amounting to approx £16k. I asked for a copy of the DPA but it's unsigned and I've also discovered that no legal charge was made by the council. The council have not formally asked for payment. A friend has told me that despite the DPA being unsigned and no legal charge has been made, I will still have to pay it, as there's been an 'implied contract'. Can you give me some advice on this please?

Answered by Boring Money


Thank you for your question.

I have noticed your question has been on the site for a while and not been answered. This is because it relates more to law, than financial planning. However, I have come across the 'implied contract' situation myself. Normally there still needs to be a record of an interaction where the contract has been presented (email/letter etc). I am not a legal expert though, so you should seek legal advice for this. Happy to recommend a good solicitor who can help.

Alternatively, the website Legal Beagles could be a good place to start.

Hope that helps.

Oliver McDonald

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Boring Money