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I'm a British citizen but live in the EU. Do you know of any who will manage my sustainable investments?

16 July 2021

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Question by Mary

I'm a British citizen but live in the EU. I've tried various of the websites you indicate for sustainable investing but they all seem to require me to be a UK resident. Do you know of any who will manage my investments? Many thanks

Answered by Helene Collins

Hello Mary

Thanks for your enquiry. It is correct that although you are a British citizen, as you do not have a UK address, unless an adviser is regulated to advise in the EU, no UK FCA authorised adviser would be able to provide advice for you. There may be some UK based advisers who have permissions to advise residents in certain European countries but I am unable to recommend any one adviser in particular. I would suggest that you contact your bank and ask if they have a financial adviser arm which could deal with your particular affairs. Alternatively if you have friends who are in a similar position to yourself it may be useful to ask them for any recommendations to a financial adviser who they have recently had dealings with. I am sorry that I am unable to help you further.

Answered by

Helene Collins

Independent Financial Planner

An Independent Financial Adviser since 1985 with a holistic approach to financial planning, Helene is also a specialist in Equity Release and Lifetime Mortgages. She is a real advocate for the importance of protection insurance after some family circumstances only served to reinforce her belief that the need for critical illness cover protection is as important today as it ever has been, despite the advances in medical science. She also finds that people spend a lot of time planning their holidays, but don’t spend the same amount of time planning for retirement! Which of the two of these topics will provide the longest holiday of someone’s life!? Helene really enjoys speaking with people and helping them to plan their retirement, protect their families and look at how they could improve their savings to enhance their lifestyle