I'm going to suggest my daughter open a LISA for her first home eventually? Is this a good idea?

28 July 2021

Question by Allison

Hi There, my daughter has just turned 18. she has a total of £3,500 to lock away, in a combination of short and longer term. I was going to suggest she open a LISA for her first home eventually? is this a good idea? How should she split her savings and where should she put her savings - thanks. She has a part time job so can put a small amount away on top of this per month. And will be getting student loan in September again to put away for emergencies. Any help appreciated.

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Hi Allison

Thanks for your question. For the shorter term (less than five years), I would recommend cash, and the longer term, some form of investment. The LISA is a great idea if she is going to use the proceeds towards a house but there is an additional 6.25% penalty on top of the loss of the tax relief if she withdraws it for anything other than buying a property or keeping it for retirement, but I'd recommend that she builds an emergency fund outside the LISA to give her some flexibility if she needs to replace her car/ laptop etc - depending on how much the bank of Mum & Dad would get involved for these emergencies!

I hope this helps.