I'm having trouble finding certain funds using IWEB

06 December 2021

Question by Bill

I am using IWEB and my question is why I cannot find a number of specific funds in their list. For example, a JP Morgan Pacific Tech fund was referenced in The Economist so I tried to find it: not there. I don't know much about the structure of the market and how platforms like IWEB operate so I hoped that my toe-in-the-water would provide a good learning experience. But I seem to be restricted in what I can look at. Perhaps it is a 'walled garden'.

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Bill,

Thank you for your question.

Platform providers won't necessarily offer access the every fund around the globe. You may want to investigate where the specific fund can be accessed, if at all by retail investors, before opening an account.

As you mention you have limited experience of the markets and platform, you may want to look at a more globally diversified approach to investing rather than following tips/mentions from media publications. There are also many platforms (dig around this website for reviews) that offer a guided approach. This could suit you well whilst you're 'dipping your toe in the water'.

For more long-term financial planning, you could then look to engage a financial planner.

Hope that helps.


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Boring Money