I want to open a Junior ISA - who should I go with?

08 July 2021

Question by Anisha


I'm 36 and have a 10 month old baby and am now thinking about investing for my baby's future.

I'm planning to open a Junior stocks and shares ISA in Vanguard's Life Strategy but understand that I will be limited to Vanguard's own funds; is this a disadvantage?

Would you recommend looking at other platforms for example Nutmeg?



Answered by

Hi Anisha

Congratulations on wanting to start saving! And to use a really cheap and accessible account like that available from Vanguard is a brilliant idea too!

The Vanguard fund range is highly diverse and enables you to capture returns from global stock markets.

They also have an ESG version, which means you can also save and help the planet in the process.