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Is it better to invest in a lump sum or monthly payments?

14 December 2021

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Question by GURMEET

Thanks for your reply to my query on ISA on 9th Dec Kris A couple of follow up questions please:
1. is it better to invest a lump sum or monthly payments
2. Is All Inclusive or + investment fees better as I am looking on your website and there a mix of both.

Thank you.

Answered by Kris Amliwala

Hi Gurmeet,

Thank you for your follow up question.

In response to point 1, I would always say it is better to have time in the market than try the time the market. So, if you have a lump sum, investing it as soon as you can, could be best. However, if can invest a lump sum now and then also be able to establish monthly payments that would usually be preferable. This is as regular monthly contributions would potentially provide pound cost averaging over the long term, which is also beneficial.

In response to question 2, as I believe the investment and life plan to most important factor when financial planning this should come first, once this is clear, we can then review the most appropriate investment strategy and then investments to help the plan achieve its objectives. If this means if the best funds have the fees are one way or the other, that's a bridge that would have to be crossed at that time. When looking at investment fees it's important to consider the total ongoing charges figures as the comparative metric between two different funds.

I hope this helps?


Answered by

Kris Amliwala

Chartered Financial Planner

I really enjoy helping people align their wealth to their life goals and ambitions. By first spending time in understanding you, your life and your goals, before looking at cashflow planning and then if needed, any financial solutions, I find delivers the most rewards.