Is my pension underperforming?

20 November 2023

Question by carol

My pension is with Quilter and managed by Argentis. I appreciate the market has been tricky but returns are poor - I have removed my ISA to a better performing provider, but how do I work out if Quilter and Argentis are doing as well as other providers in a difficult market, or if they are underperforming? I am concerned in between poor performance and charges the fund is being eroded - any ideas/suggestions please? I do not know where to look to make an independent judgement. Thanks

Answered by Tracey Che

Dear Carol,

Quilter Cheviot is a discretionary fund manager and the industry standard benchmark is ARC (Asset Risk Consultant), which is completely independent and aggregates performance figures from over 120 investment firms to get an average within each risk category - this should give you an indication on whether they have been underperforming against their peers (as everyone would have faced the same difficult market conditions).

You will need to know which risk category your portfolio sits within for the comparison - this should be something your financial adviser at Argentis should be reviewing for you and discussing with you at your annual review meetings.

Hope this helps.

Answered by

Tracey Che

Financial Planner

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