Is my workplace pension contribution deductible from taxable income?

19 June 2023

Question by Mia


My company offers a benefit fund from where I can make pension contributions (or buy other benefits) via salary sacrifice or take as cash. Pension contributions are not matched. I am looking to reduce my adjusted net income to below 100k. I pay about 6% right now. Does this 6% count as my contribution and therefore deductible from taxable income to reduce my adjusted net income to below £100k or does it count as employer contribution as I have been given a benefit fund?

Answered by Lisa Caplan

Hi Mia

Making the pension contribution via salary sacrifice will effectively reduce your taxable income. I am not sure how far above the threshold you are, but this is a very good way to get back your personal allowance which starts to be reduced when your income is over £100,000.

You don't have to use salary sacrifice to achieve this, you can make a personal contribution, but it's much simpler and tidier.

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Answered by

Lisa Caplan

Director Foundation Planning

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