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Is there a platform that offer a fund managed by themselves but allows you to pick your own shares?

03 November 2021

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Question by David

Hello I'm very interested in taken out 2 stocks and shares ISA's but have zero experience in buying stocks and shares but am keen to learn.

My question - is there a platform/company that offer a fund that is managed by themselves but gives you the option to still invest in shares you think will be profitable? This would give me the security of the main fund but let me gain a little experience for the future .

Hope you can and and thanks in advance.

Answered by Luke James

Hi David,

Thanks for your question, it's great that you are interested in investing.

Before I give you some options I would just say that this is not a recommendation as I do not know enough about your situation. If you want more information on these options feel free to drop me a message and I can talk it through with you in a bit more detail. I just want to give you a few options so you can have a look into them and make a decision.

Here are a few you can try that let you invest in both funds as well as individual stocks:

- AJ Bell Youinvest ISA - I have dealt with AJ Bell and have had nothing but good experiences. They have a range of funds as well as individual shares to choose from. They also offer some help initially picking a fund that suits you.
- Hargreaves Lansdown - Perhaps more well heard of than AJ Bell, I haven't had any personal experience with them but they offer a similar range of funds and individual stocks as well as help picking funds. They do however come out slightly more expensive than AJ Bell.
- Interactive Investor - Similar to the above but they charge on a monthly fixed £ amount. This means that if you are just starting up an ISA it will likely be more expensive than the above two.

With all of these providers they will charge you for buying/selling stocks or shares. So be careful if you plan on buying and selling a lot as these costs will eat into your potential returns.

When it comes to funds you can use the recommended funds that the above providers will give you or you could also look into the Vanguard Lifestrategy range of funds. They are cheap, well diversified and offer a range of different levels of risk.

One word of warning is to be careful when picking individual stocks as this can be very tricky and means you can lose all of your money. Investing in a few different stocks does have high upside if they do well but if they do not it also carries greater risk. The Vanguard funds for example will invest in 1000's of different shares which does not eliminate the risk but certainly helps to limit it.

Hopefully I have been some help and like I said if you want more information feel free to message me.

Luke James

Independent Financial Adviser

Answered by

Luke James

Independent Financial Adviser

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