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Is there an app that combines and could give visibility into all my different bank accounts, expenses, investments and pensions?

28 July 2021

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Question by KV

Is there an app that combines and could give visibility into all my different bank accounts, expenses, investments and pensions? I can't seem to find one app that does it all, I still need separate apps to manage different bank accounts, get insight in my expenses, my investment portfolios or pensions. Or am I wrong?

Answered by Helena Wardle

Hi KV,

That's a great question, and there are apps available that can help you. They are called Open banking apps, and they have come a long way in the last few years. However, some obscure providers are yet to allow open banking apps access to their data, although more and more are added each year as providers begin to see the benefits of open banking for their clients.

So, to answer your question, there are a number of apps that can show your bank accounts and insights into your expenses. Some have access to more Banks, Building Societies, Pension and Investment providers than others, so check that they are able to support you with the providers you use. The one I felt may be able to help you the most based on what you are looking for, which is to have all your accounts including your pensions and investments in one place, is Moneyhub.


• Gives you insights into your spending habits via a spending analysis tool
• See all your accounts in one place
• Set spending goals
• Receive notifications that remind you when bills are due

Moneyhub is a paid-for app, however, they have a one-month free trial for new users. I contacted Moneyhub for their full list of connections and they responded with "unfortunately we have too many to list at the moment". From my experience with the app they have a really wide range of providers and they increase the number of connections they have all of the time. The one downside to the app is it can take a while to put spending into the right categories.

One of the best free apps that have access to your bank accounts, savings accounts, credit cards but not many pension and investment providers is Money Dashboard.

Money Dashboard:

• Automatically categorises transactions
• Dashboard to clearly see the categories of your spending, shown in various graphs
• Allows you to set multiple budgets with notifications of overspending
• Allows you to plan your finances and budget for the future
• Shows all of your transactions on all accounts in one place

Emma and Money Dashboard have a handful of investment platforms to connect to and one pension provider (both PensionBee). This is likely because they only support direct open banking connections, whereas Moneyhub also supports secure connections through managed data gateways. This enables Moneyhub to truly offer the user an overall view of all their finances, including their house value via their connection to Zoopla for example.

I hope this helps,


Answered by

Helena Wardle

Chartered Financial Planner

I am passionate about helping people get more clarity, confidence and reassurance with their money matters. I feel it is important to understand our client’s stories and to help connect their money with what matters to them.