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Is there an investing platform that can be used for both choosing stock options and using the platform's choices?

09 June 2021

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Question by Ken

Is there an investing platform while using an ISA, that can be used for both choosing our choice of stock options and also using the platform's choices?

Answered by Mike Clarke

Hello Ken

There are a number of online platforms that allow you have have your own choice of direct stocks, and that of the platforms. However, the platform will not provide advice, so the ‘platform choices’ are more likely to be a top 50 list (or similar) rather than a specific recommendation. If you would like advice of a direct stock you would need to involve some form of adviser, either a stock broker or discretionary fund manager.

Hope that helps



Answered by

Mike Clarke

Chartered Independent Financial Planner

I’ve been in the industry since 1995, and during that time I have found myself mainly advising business people, the self- employed and high earning public sector employees. I love the motivation and challenge of advising someone who’s circumstances are changing all the time as there’s a greater need for a financial advice.