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Should I look at Nutmeg as an option for my pension?

06 December 2021

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Question by Mark

I have £63,000 in a Reassure Pension, unfortunately they have not helped build my pension neither has my financial advisor. Where do I start to look at Nutmeg as an option, thanks. Mark

Answered by Joshua Gerstler

Hi Mark,

If you want to use Nutmeg then you can go onto their website here and sign up.

Boring Money have already reviewed Nutmeg so have done some of the hard work for you. You can read it here -

Before you sign up, it is important you understand what you want and what you are getting.

Do you simply want something to pick the investment funds for you or do you want bespoke advice tailed to your own specific needs.

A website such as Nutmeg would give you the former but not the latter.

I hope that helps you start.


Answered by

Joshua Gerstler

Chartered Financial Planner

I have been working in Financial Services for over 16 years. I started out at Deloitte where I trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant before moving to Financial Advice/Planning at The Orchard Practice in 2011.