Should I move the funds I've got in a Quilter ISA that are unmanaged?

23 March 2022

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Question by Sue

I have funds in a Quilter ISA that are unmanaged, should I move them?

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Sue,

Thank you for your message. Although we cannot provide individual advice here, the below might help.

Quilter is a major provider of ISA, pensions, bonds, and other products. It will depend on the underlying investments and the terms you have with the Quilter platform. You may want to consider why you are seeking to change from Quilter?

From experience, Quilter offers a lot of functionality and their independent platform ratings have improved over the past few years. Before this, their service wasn't great. Depending on the terms you have, there might be slightly cheaper options elsewhere.

Remember when investing, you should have a plan in place - why are you investing and what is the long-term plan? These should be the important questions, rather than seeking a very slightly lower cost elsewhere (assuming you're looking to change due to costs).

A financial planner will be able to provide a review and recommendation of your investments.

I hope that helps for now. Do feel free to get in touch for independent advice.

Have a great day!


Answered by

Boring Money