Total securities, Total value and Available to invest. Could you explain these categories?

29 July 2021

Question by Monifa

I have a stocks and shares ISA with Halifax. My money is split into 3 categories: Total securities, Total value and Available to invest. I am not sure what these 3 definitions mean, could you explain what they each mean please?

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Monifa, thank you for your question.

Without seeing your policy information, I cannot be certain. However, I would assume that the ‘total securities’ refers to the funds that you have invested within your stocks and shares ISA. The ‘total value’ is the total amount that you hold within your ISA, including all investments and cash holdings, and the amount ‘available to invest’ are the non-invested funds which are held in cash that can be invested should you wish.

You should be able to find greater clarity of the meaning of these within your policy documents, which should have been issued to you when you set-up the account with Halifax.

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Boring Money