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I have recently started to follow you as I have a private investor with some funds to invest and to be frank I really like the way you explain things for investors like me and the layout of your website, well done ! I am interested in the Fund piece that Holly refers to in todays Money Supplement in the ST’s with 'Lindsell Train Global Equity'. I am looking for a fund for myself (54 yrs old) but also my son (19 yrs old). Is this fund suitable for either of us with an investment strategy of 10 years +.

Holly Mackay's Response

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your note. Glad you like what we do - thank you. I can't offer specific advice as I don’t know your circumstances.

What I suggest is this.

You're looking at 10+ years. This suggests a portfolio of shares and you can afford to take some risk about volatility.
I think spreading risk around is a good idea. So maybe think about splitting your money amongst a few funds.
The Lindsell Train fund has worked well for me. It's an active fund - so you pay someone to make decisions about shares, rather than buy all of the major ones.

You could do worse than think about having a low-cost 'passive' foundation to your investments - I have the Vanguard Life Strategy fund 100% equity. 80% will be a smoother path but could return less. I think having this as a core is a low-cost easy way to invest a chunk.

You might want a UK fund - Woodford's Equity Income fund is good - as is Terry Smith's Fundsmith fund.

And maybe an Emerging Markets fund or another international one to spread your investments about. I have JP Morgan's Emerging Markets fund. First State have some decent funds too - I think one was mentioned in today's Times as well.

An alternative for your son which might actually interest him is Nutmeg - a better digital option.

If you want some help you could do worse than look at Hargreaves Lansdown which is an online broker - and check out their Wealth 150+ range of funds - their analysts' preferred picks and they should help you to filter out the rubbish! Good luck - I think spreading your bets amongst a few funds and a few regions is sensible. And get that validation from the online brokers' preferred fund lists?

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