What is a Multi Asset fund?

04 April 2023

Question by anonymous

What is a Multi Asset fund?

Answered by Boring Money

As quoted in our 'Money Clinic with Bestinvest' webinar:

Multi-asset funds are brilliant for people who want to get diversification of portfolio but don't know how to achieve it for themselves. So they will invest in a range of different asset classes, you know, equities or bonds, property, whatever it may be, depending on the risk profile that you've created, will depend on the level of diversification that's in that particular multi–asset fund.

It allows you to get all that diversification in your portfolio, but you don't have to do the hard work. Someone does that for you. The manager of the fund will create it on your behalf. So it gives people who want a more, hands off approach to investing the opportunity to make a decision, select the level of risk they want to take, and have it then managed for them on a day to day basis.

This question was answered by Matthew Morgan Head of Coaching at Bestinvest

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