What's the best way to invest the proceeds, circa £600k, in the short term, 6-12 months?

02 August 2023

Question by Alan

My wife and I are planning to retire to the UK next year and are in the process of selling properties in the UK to fund the purchase of our retirement home there. What's the best way to invest the proceeds, circa £600k, in the short term, 6-12 months?

Answered by Matthew Spence

Hi Alan,

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement and move to the UK!

When it comes to investing a substantial amount of money for the short term (6-12 months), the goal of capital preservation is crucial. To achieve this, it is best to avoid higher risk investments such as equities or speculative assets, and instead focus on safety and liquidity. One option you can consider is a higher interest savings account.

To find suitable options, you could research online through popular comparison sites. These platforms can help you compare different savings accounts and find the ones that offer competitive interest rates and meet your requirements.

Additionally, you may want to consider spreading your savings across multiple accounts. the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) provides protection for deposits held in banks, building societies, and credit unions up to a maximum of £85,000 per individual per authorised firm. By diversifying your savings across several institutions, you can ensure that each account is protected within the FSCS limit.

Remember to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions of any savings account you choose to ensure it aligns with your short-term investment goals and provides the level of safety and liquidity you need.

I hope this helps!


Answered by

Matthew Spence


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