When one day I went to cash in, the value of an investment I had with Fidelity had dropped £5000 over night... Is this possible?

15 July 2022

Question by Roland p

I had an investment with Fidelity. When I tried to cash in one day it came up with 'technical error' please try later notice. When I did finally get go cash in (next day) the value had dropped £5000 over night ..is this possible?

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Roland,

I can't speak for the 'technical error' notice you received, as I have no connection with Fidelity to know why this may have happened.

In terms of it being possible for the value to drop £5,000 from the one day to the next; the short answer is yes, this is possible.

The more nuanced answer; whether this is correct, is all relative to the amount you had invested and what it was invested in.

If, for example you had £500,000 invested and the underlying investment was predominantly, or wholly, in stocks and shares, then an overnight fall of £5,000 would represent a 1% fall, which is not unusual given current market conditions.

If, however you had £100,000 invested, this would represent a 5% fall and would be much more unusual and I would personally be inclined to speak to Fidelity to investigate if this final valuation is correct or not.

If Fidelity confirm that the market value had fallen and the amount you received was indeed correct, I would also want to understand if there is any recourse to not being able to sell down when you tried on the first day, given that this had ended up costing you money.

If I can be of any further help with this, I'd be happy to chat.

All the best


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Boring Money