Where can I put £13K where I can decide the Fund allocation?

23 June 2021

Question by Andrew

Hi, I'm 58 and have recently been made redundant due to the Coronavirus crisis. I was contributing to a workplace pension with Scottish Widows which has grown to about £13K at current value after 5 years. I would like to transfer this value into a SIPP but and I would also transfer £10K of cash savings into an ISA to run alongside. This cash will come from my Local Authority pension lump sum of about £16K plus £600/ month.

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Andrew. I'm sorry to hear about your redundancy. I'm not sure what your question is but you can transfer your workplace pension into a SIPP, although you don't mention why you would like to do so, and, with many platforms, can also have an ISA running alongside to hold your pension commencement lump sum from your local authority pension.

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Boring Money