Who do I report a company to for misselling money to OAPS?

03 August 2022

Question by Nuno

Who do I report a company to for misselling large amounts of money to OAPS?

Answered by Tarnia Elsworth

Hi Nuno,

Thanks for the question, this sounds like an awful situation and well done you for raising the issue.

Any complaints that are finance-related should in the first instance be raised with the company that you have the complaint with.

If that is not possible, or you don't feel like you are getting anywhere, the Financial Ombudsman is the place to go to.


The link above shows you the process. It also includes information about who can complain, and how they should do it.

I really hope that helps, Nuno.

All the best,


Answered by

Tarnia Elsworth

Financial Adviser

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