Who offers the best ISA at present?

29 July 2021

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Question by Victor

Who offers the best ISA at present?

Answered by James Mallinson

Hi Victor,

I get asked this question a lot. To get the true answer we need to find out what you mean by “best ISA”.

Are you looking at which provider gives the best charges, access, investment options, technology (app etc) with the ISA product, or do you mean who’s giving the best investment return? Both are very different questions and will have very different answers.

Boring Money’s site has a guide to a number of different providers and their pros and cons, but this doesn’t cover which underlying investments are right for each client as everyone will be different. I’m 39 and will naturally have a higher tolerance for risk then someone in their 80’s, so understanding what you want to save for, for how long, and how much risk you want to, or need to take is key.

Also don’t be fooled into just picking a product or fund based purely on charges or performance. To truly find the right thing for you I’d recommend you enlist the help of a professional who can help narrow your choices and recommend something that’s going to be aligned to your goals and why you want to save in the first place (which may even be to just keep the money in cash).

Kind regards

Answered by

James Mallinson

Chartered Wealth Manager

I’m James, a married dad with 2 children and 2 dogs. I’m unusual in the industry as I didn’t go to University, am under 40, but still rose in my career to be a Director at a FTSE listed discretionary fund management business.