Why are all the financial advisors I look for on the web all middle aged white men?

10 February 2022

Question by John

Why are all the financial advisors I look for on the web all middle aged white men? I'm a millennial bloke who has saved up c.60k but I don't want to speak to someone like that.

Answered by Ria Coles

Hi John,

I am not surprised that you feel this way as our industry, like many, has traditionally been male dominated and the career of a financial adviser for many years was seen as something you needed to enter at a stage in life when you were perceived as being more 'mature', 'experienced', and therefore 'trustworthy'. This is no different to my professional colleagues who work in law and accountancy. I am pleased however to say this is changing and I have, for a long time, been an advocate for encouraging young, talented individuals to choose financial advice as a career. On the gender front, again, this is quickly changing but as with anything, takes time and we have to rely on females choosing to enter the industry. More and more is being done to promote FA as a career for women and more women are choosing to become advisers, and I assure you, from personal experience that their value to the profession is widely acknowledged and appreciated.

The industry is moving, my firm for example prides itself on being a modern, pragmatic, engaging firm (with a lower average age than most!) That said, I have come across some incredible advisers during my career, and have had some great mentors, who fit the white middle-aged man description. Not all are out of touch or stuffy, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Answered by

Ria Coles

Financial Planning Director

I have worked in Financial Services now for over 18 years after deciding very early on in my career that the role of a Financial Adviser was, to me, the perfect combination of numbers and people.