Would it be wise to have Vanguard handle my pension and shares?

24 July 2023

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Question by Marcus

Hi, I have a pension with Reassure, its was sold by Legal and General. I'm reading terrible reviews of Reassure and wanted to know if I should move it. I also have 70k savings making 3% interest. Ideally I'd like to invest some of this into stocks, and was looking at Vanguard. This also manage pensions. Would it be wise to have them handle my pension and shares? Thanks.

Answered by Lee Wells

Hi Marcus,

There are many providers which will offer better value for money than Reassure. You need to ensure that if you take advice that the cost does not outweigh the benefit.

Consolidation (pensions, ISAs etc...) is typically a good idea from a cost saving pov, personally I think there are better providers than Vanguard.

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Answered by

Lee Wells

Managing Partner - Financial Planner

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