Would you recommend moving pension & ISA’s from SJP?

05 May 2022

Question by Eileen

Would you recommend moving pension & ISA’s from SJP? Investing heavily at the moment in my pension (5k) a month and shocked at the poor performance.

Answered by Boring Money

Hi Eileen,

Thanks for your question.

Investment returns are an unknown. None of us know what can happen in the future, the last couple of years are a good example of this.

However, it does seem that SJP funds have largely seemed to perform poorly in recent times. This is made worse by high charges.

When you combine these two factors together it can eat into your returns heavily!

As a point of comparison you should be looking at an ongoing cost of between 1.2%-1.5% per year in total.

To be clear, that is the charge you should be paying for everything! That should include adviser charges, provider charges and fund/investment charges.

If you would like I would be happy to offer a free second opinion of your investments/pensions.

If that is something you would like please message me.

Luke James
Independent Financial Adviser

Answered by

Boring Money