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Our independent team has scoured the markets and trawled through all the biggest brands to see which ones stand out from the crowd. 

We don’t make any money from sneaky click-through deals and we’re not paid by any companies to suck up to them.

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Don't just take our word for it. See how other investors rate and review their choices.

Don't just take our word for it

What we look for ...

Deciding who to trust with your savings is a big deal. We’re super transparent about our criteria and how we award our Best Buys.

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Our Best Buy criteria

This is how we make our product assessments.

For beginner investors

The investment provider must have a small range of easily understandable investments – a sort of pre-packaged investment 'ready-meal' which does lots of the heavy lifting for you. Since the service is often bundled together with the investments, when we look at cost we analyse the total cost to the investor.

For confident investors

The investment provider must provide access to a wide range of investments from different investment managers. In terms of cost, for those services suitable for experienced investors we just look at the cost of the ‘platform’, since investors are free to pick from thousands of funds with different prices.

Your recommendations

For each company we ask current customers how likely they would be to recommend them, out of 10. The percentage shows how many customers rated them 7 out of 10 or above.

Our scoring

Our rating comes from a mixture of customer reviews; the views of the Boring Money team based on their website, ease of use, service and the quality of their communications; their phone customer service; the cost of running portfolios; how long the provider has been around and how big they are.

Full details are available here.

We say

We score each provider on about 20 different criteria including cost, service, website, functionality, customer feedback and our experience of the service. All overseen by our PhD gonk!

You say

Don’t want to take our word for it? We ask existing customers and investors to rate their experience with the company – based on value for money, overall service and the website. We need at least 20 customer reviews before we add anyone to our Best Buys list.

Recommended by you?

Trust the crowd not an investment nerd. See how many investors would recommend what they have to a friend – look at our % ratings.


We have looked at the relative cost of each provider based on charges for a £10,000 portfolio and a £100,000 portfolio. Everything which makes our Best Buys list is decently priced BUT some people want the very cheapest. Others are happy to pay a little more for service and some frills.

Best For

Some products will fry the brain of anyone who’s not an investment boffin. Others will appeal to hardcore traders. See which ones we think suit different levels of investment experience.

Don't just take our word for it

We have gathered together over 600 written reviews from everyday investors like you. And these are growing every day. Help us to promote excellence and shine a spotlight on those who need to sharpen their act up. 

If you're an investor today we'd love you to add your voice and share your feedback.


How we make money

We're a research team. You tell us what you like. What you want. And we consult back to the industry. 

So how do we make money?

Your ratings, reviews and our product knowledge allows us to sell research to the financial industry. What do customers like/hate/want more of? How can they make better products? What pricing is fair?

We also collect provider data and know how big the market is, who's doing well and who's not.

Most of our revenue comes from selling research reports or from doing testing of new products with customer focus groups. Sunlight’s the best disinfectant and all that so we publish which firms we have have invoiced over the last 4 months here.

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Product providers – want us to rate you?

If you’re a provider and wondering why you’re not yet rated by us, please get in touch.

It’s not ‘pay to play’ and we want to find and promote the best. But we do need at least 20 customer ratings to include anyone in our Best Buys - we need to be comfortable that the user experience stacks up beyond our experience. 20 is a small sample but typically enough to flag up any user gremlins.

We've covered all the major providers and we'll work our way down the list according to consumer demand.