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as of 23/01/2019 at 2:17 pm

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The investment service sits very uncomfortably on their main spread-betting site and this feels a bit like an arranged marriage which is awkward to watch. The risk profile questions help you into a portfolio, but the language feels as though this has been written for a professional investor audience. To be fair, there are lots of nice touches here and some of the illustrations on mobile about potential returns are quite good. But this is a new service which doesn’t yet know if it’s Arthur or Martha.

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Not one for our novice investors. IG is principally a share dealing platform, though there are also ready-made investment ‘Smart Portfolios’ available for those that want to have their investments managed for them.

For share traders it’s relatively low cost, at £24 per quarter for an ISA or share dealing account. You can't buy funds on the platform, apart from those that are listed – investment trusts and ETFs.

IG is more likely to suit investors who already know what they are doing, feel confident but like the idea of getting an expert to do the heavy lifting and monitoring. Share dealing and Smart Portfolios are available on the ‘Investments’ section of the website. It’s easy to get lost in the spread betting and CFD trading areas – higher risk investments and risky business. Not for your average Joe.

Important Facts & Figures

Provider Size:

Mid-sized investment platform

Minimum amounts:
£500 minimum initial investment into each IG Smart Portfolio
12 month indicative performance:

IG's portfolios have less than one year track record.

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