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as of 13/11/2018 at 9:19 am

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This is a new, slick experience from a big global brand which has plenty of resources to draw on. A questionnaire will help guide you into one of the ready-made investment options but warning – don’t bother unless you have £10,000 spare. Some nice tools and calculators are available. I don't personally have a test account so basing this view on demos only. No linked pension available yet.

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Click & Invest is a new service from established global wealth manager and banking group, Investec.

You get regulated advice, so you’ll be recommended a suitable portfolio for your needs. They do this by asking a series of questions to establish how you trade off the chance of bigger gains with the risk of a larger loss. You don't get to pick your own individual funds or shares, but you can set up different portfolios for different goals – you might need more certainty with investments that are needed to pay off a mortgage, but be prepared to up your risk (and possible return) when it comes to longer term goals.

The portfolios use actively managed investments – there are human beings managing the underlying funds, so costs can be higher than other robo-advisers. Expect to pay around 1.25% – £125 per year on that £10,000 minimum.

Worth a look for tomorrow’s high earners who are on the ladder today.

Important Facts & Figures

Provider Size:

New robo-adviser from an international private bank and asset manager

Minimum amounts:
£10,000 minimum initial amount

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