BlackRock Investor Pulse

Financial health and wellbeing 

My relationship with money is love/hate. Love to have it, hate not having it.  


Our relationship with money and our finances is a peculiar thing. Other elements of our health and wellbeing - mental and physical health are being tackled across of variety of public forums. Money and our finances remain taboo, making it easy to bury our heads in the sand.  

Our wellbeing can be expressed as a balance of mental and physical health, with feelings of stability and security. Our financial health can profoundly impact each of these, demonstrating just how integral our finances are with regard to our health and wellbeing. 

BlackRock Investor Pulse

We have developed these pages in partnership with BlackRock, one the largest fund managers in the world. Each year, BlackRock conduct their Investor Pulse Survey.


This year, Investor Pulse spoke to more people than ever to investigate how people think and feel about their financial health, making this the world’s largest study on the relationship between wealth and well-being.


We spoke with some of our readers to get their take on their financial health.

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