What are some of your financial goals, and the stresses that compete with them?

33% of us worry about running out of money in retirement. But how can we balance our long-term plans with today's more immediate needs? 




"You can't go through life expecting things to be the same"

Despite the importance of health and family, 45% of us confess that money is our main cause of stress. However, it has never been easier to take control of our financial ecosystems.

Through technology and educational resources we can get tips and guidance to help across the personal finance spectrum, from budgeting to investing. 






"It's just hard to balance that with living a life today"

Pete tells us how he has a clear vision to build on his dream of buying his first home, but confesses to struggling to balance against his day to day commitments.  





How to balance the short-term and the long-term?

Money can be overwhelming. If you're at financial base camp, the top of the mountain can look so far away that it doesn't feel worth even putting the boots on! But like our physical fitness, taking those first steps and starting to invest in your future can be hard but ultimately rewarding. Here are some bite-sized steps which will help the longer-term picture without too much pain!?

  • Workplace pension
    Most of us now have a pension at work, even if you work for a small firm. Ask about your pension at work. 5% of your wages should be going into this with another 3% top-up from your employer. Try not to opt out if possible as you'll lose this 'free' 3%. 

  • Budgeting
    Making it through to the next payday can be a headache. But there are some great budgeting apps which help you to set up and implement stricter measures to manage your cash. Have a look at Squirrel or Yolt.

  • Consider stocks and shares for longer-term savings
    Lots of people are not in debt but also have money sitting limply in a current account, slowly sliding backwards as inflation nibbles away at it. Look at a robo adviser for a simple way to set up a stocks and shares ISA.



Holly's tip:

"Pay off expensive debt. There is little point investing or saving if you are carrying expensive debt such as credit card debt or payday loans. Make these your focus to pay off first or investigate transferring to a 0% deal to give yourself some time."

Holly Mackay, Founder and CEO, Boring Money 





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