Every year, BlackRock ask people how they think and feel about their financial health. This year, they spoke to over 27,000 people, across 13 nations, going deeper than ever to understand the connection between wealth and well-being. 

Money is the main cause of stress in the UK. It’s not something we often talk about and is seen as taboo. So we decided... it's time to start the conversation.

At Boring Money, we went out and talked to people about money. In partnership with BlackRock we built these pages to share these thoughts. To shine a light on what's wrong. And to provide some independent ideas and inspiration for tackling some of the things that worry us.

Watch these videos to see what people had to say. If you want to go a little deeper, hit the question links to visit our pages dedicated to practical tips. 



Here is what people had to say 

"Lots of people beat themselves up about money. We assume everyone else is doing a better job than us. But actually most of us struggle to feel on top of things all the time. I hope these pages provide some honest opinions, start some candid conversations and provide some useful independent ideas". 

Holly Mackay, Founder and CEO, Boring Money 

Practical tips and independent ideas

Time to bust some urban myths

You don't need thousands of pounds or a degree in maths to be an investor. You can start from £1. There are simple, online, ready-made choices. And it doesn't have to take ages either. You can set up ISAs and pensions online in about 10 minutes. 


Stressed and need some advice?

26% of people turn to family and friends for financial advice, but sometimes you need someone trained on your side. We've suggested some free Government-funded services, a few useful sites to review, and also shared how to find a financial adviser who is recommended by others. 


Financial education for grown ups

Do you feel as though you missed out on life's financial lessons? You are not alone. Hear what other people have to say about their knowledge of finance. And learn some practical tips and ideas for grown-ups, which hopefully won't make you feel like you're back in Maths at school!


Technology and apps

From round-ups to robo advisers, have a look at new apps and services to make budgeting, saving and investing simple and convenient. 


Our relationship with money

41% of us admit we would feel better about our finances if we knew how to exercise better control. These pages share some honest stories about how people view their relationships with money (some may sound familiar), as well as some suggestions for taking back control.   


Talking money, the last taboo

Just 42% of the UK say that they feel financially healthy. And it's just 'not British' to talk about money, so who do we turn to when we need to talk about money?


Money and control

With just 4 out of 10 people feeling like they have control over their finances it's no wonder that money is such a cause of stress. This page shares some honest views about money and some ideas to help you take back a bit of control. 


Money goals

We all want to do better with our money, but how can we balance our long-term plans with today's more immediate needs? 


Something for visual learners

Learn about money

Practical well-being 

Can technology help you with money?


Your relationship with money


How to start investing


Talk about money

Investor Pulse - what you told BlackRock