Holly`s blog features our weekly musings on money, great products, top tips and a dollop of opinion.

The Boring Money Bulletin is where we share the latest snippets of research, industry gossip and consumer feedback.

The basic gist is that we won’t sell your data to Russian agents, election manipulators, annoying people who will try and sell you life insurance everywhere you go and anyone else grubby. We will, however, use your data. We chuck all our stats into a big pot (data people call it a ‘lake’), give it a stir and then we draw out trends and patterns in aggregate. This helps us to work out what people want. What people do. And what people think. We sell these insights to the industry along with the odd prod with an electric cattle prod to tell them how to make less yawningly awful content to torture you with. Or how to make better products.

The Boring Money Bulletin
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