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Holly's Investments

I write this page not because I want people to take it as advice, or recommendations BUT because I know that you feel suspicious about people in finance. Most of you ask me where I invest. What I do with my own savings. Many of you have been burned before and assume that any pundits have an ulterior motive. Or take cash for bigging some things up.

We are fiercely independent at Boring Money. We understand that we are talking to you about your money and your life. We won’t abuse that. I was brought up by a Scottish accountant who is the most painstakingly honest ‘unsung hero’ I know. And he taught me to say what I think and be honest. So – even though you don’t know me – you have my personal promise that anything we say we like on this site – is because we do.

I also have to say that I have quite so many accounts because I test as many as I can. What does it feel like as a customer? I certainly wouldn’t suggest anyone has as many accounts as this – nightmare! I’d also observe that I invest with a long timeframe so I’m on the hardcore spicy side of the spectrum! And finally I have succumbed a touch to lockdown boredom and have been trading a few short-term things amidst all this volatility - which is high-risk and not something I would recommend to others. But hey ho.

As of November 2020 I have investments in:

Platforms and Robos (test accounts held with):

  • AJ Bell Youinvest

  • Alliance Trust Savings

  • Barclays Stockbrokers

  • Bestinvest

  • Charles Stanley Direct

  • Chelsea

  • Fidelity

  • Freetrade

  • Hargreaves Lansdown

  • HSBC

  • Interactive Investor

  • Moneybox

  • MoneyFarm

  • Multiply

  • Nutmeg

  • Santander Investment Hub

  • The Share Centre

  • Standard Life

  • TD Direct Investing

  • True Potential

  • Wealth Horizon

  • Wealthify

  • Wealthsimple

  • Willis Owen

  • Vanguard

Funds and Shares:

  • Baillie Gifford China

  • Baillie Gifford Global Discovery

  • BlackRock Frontiers Investment Trust

  • First Sentier Global Listed Infrastructure

  • Fundsmith Equity



  • iShares plc Core FTSE 100 ETF

  • iShares Nasdaq US Biotechnology ETF

  • JPMorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust plc

  • Lindsell Train Global Equity

  • Liontrust Sustainable Future Global Growth Fund

  • Schroder UK Public Private Trust Plc

  • Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust plc

  • Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Sustainability

  • Threadneedle China Opportunities

  • Unilever plc

  • Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% Equity

  • Wisdom Tree Metal Securities Limited – Physical Swiss Gold

(Just like a chef who eats baked beans at home, purists will observe that my asset allocation could be better and this portfolio will not lie on the efficient frontier and blah blah….all criticisms will probably be right and this is here for transparency rather than to show myself as God’s Gift to Investing!)