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28 February 2020

Let's drink to clearer pension charges

Campaign for clearer charges

29 July 2019

Become an investor in minutes with the best micro-investing apps 

27 July 2019

DIY investors have lost their trust in best buy tables - why?

19 July 2019 

Want to get into investing and pick your own shares? Here's what you need to know

22 June 2019

What you should know about exit fees before leaving an investment platform


14 June 2019

The fallout for investors after the Woodford suspension

13 June 2019

Should we cull best-buy lists for investment funds after the scandal over Neil Woodford's fund suspension?

6 June 2019

Boring Money's Consumer Investment Awards 2019

6 June 2019

Why don't more women invest?

9 May 2019

Do asset managers listen to the voice of retail investors?


30 April 2019

Are female investors really better than male investors?

27 April 2019

Free app lets you trade easily without fees from the sofa

12 April 2019

Vote in the Consumer Investment Awards brought to you by Boring Money, The Times, and The Sunday Times

2 April 2019

The risk for DIY investors of losing returns

27 March 2019

Ethical investing - Holly examines the results of our Times reader survey


16 March 2019

Holly Mackay guides you through the ISA minefield with our results from testing nearly 30 providers

8 March 2019 

Why companies should use International Women's Day to re-think their marketing to women

27 February 2019

Boring Money research finds top priority for new investors is "simple English"


23 February 2019

6 weeks left to get your ISA savings in shape - Compare Stocks & Shares ISAs with Boring Money


7 February 2019

Wealthsimple European CEO Toby Triebel recommends Boring Money to nervous investors

1 February 2019

You could be losing out thanks to default financial deals & interest on Cash

26 January 2019

Self-assessment tax - what a cryptic crossword

25 January 2019

Boring Money find cost difference between highest and lowest-cost platforms more than the average UK salary

19 January 2019

Boring Money’s mid-risk investment test accounts reveal huge disparity in how your money is managed

12 January 2019

Pressure builds for Hargreaves Lansdown to reduce fees


6 January 2019

Can you trust expert fund picks which claim they can make DIY investors richer?

15 December 2018

DIY Investing - How to navigate the common problems

8 December 2018 

How to avoid overspending when you get your first job

1 December 2018

The truth about why fund managers avoid transparency

26 November 2018

How to invest using apps


19 November 2018

Nutmeg launches new ethical option

17 November 2018

Robo Advisers outperform the FTSE


16 November 2018

Robo advisers are winning over customers, according to our research

6 November 2018

Is the sky falling in? Investment diversification in a time of certain uncertainty


2 November 2018

Can you retire early if you live frugally enough?

26 October 2018

'It's Your Money' Podcast - Holly joins financial journalists Sam Brodbeck and Laura Miller, to help you dip a toe into investing & discuss what to do if the company you backed ends up nosediving


26 October 2018

When it comes to wealth management deals, are they good for investors?


13 October 2018

Robo-adviser computer algorithms could bar you, if you check your investments too often

28 September 2018

Boring Money research finds that the UK gender investment gap tops £100bn

1 September 2018

Robo advisers can provide a 7.92% return on your money - here are the pros & cons

25 August 2018

Where to put your money when interest rates are low

15 August 2018

Robo-adviser Wealthify has launched ethical portfolios

1 July 2018

Use investment app Dabbl to ace share trading


7 June 2018

Boring Money and The Telegraph host The Consumer Investment Awards: Who were the best providers? 


11 May 2018

M&G & Boring Money - Let's Grow Podcast episode one



4 April 2018

'Ready-made' portfolios are on the rise. Who do they work best for?



2 March 2018

How should I invest £1,000 - which options are best?

4 February 2018

Women are savvier at investing than men



22 January 2018

5 ways for first-time investors to get started

18 November 2017

MiFID II - what does all the 'economicky' jargon mean?


1 October 2017

Picking a DIY investing platform? Find the best option for you


27 June 2017

Hassle-free investing - is a robo-adviser the best bet for my 30k?

17 May 2017

US fund group Vanguard challenges UK DIY investing platforms by launching the cheapest online investment services

16 May 2017

A price war may be imminent thanks to launch of Vanguard UK


1 May 2017

How to use government incentives to boost your long-term savings



30 April 2017 

5 ways to set up a SIPP and improve your retirement savings


 3 April 2017

12 months on - here's how the robo advisers performed


19 March 2017

How can employers survive workplace pensions?


 19 March 2017

Choosing the best ISA for you

4 March 2017

80% of 2015-16 ISAs were Cash - why do we ignore Stocks & Shares ISAs so much? 

 3 March 2017

Want to invest for your children? Junior ISAs are the answer 

 19 February 2017

Savings options with minimum fuss and good returns

 31 October 2016

Holly wants women to be confident investing

 19 October 2016

Holly talks current account fraud

12 October 2016

Holly talks care home fees

11 June 2016

Women's reluctance to invest in shares is costing them 


7 August 2016

As the Bank of England cut interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25% what is the best way to invest in a world of lower rates? 


30 April 2016

Female investors are a minority despite being better investors than men


18 April 2016

Holly’s top picks for ISAs 



7 November 2015

Holly’s tips for how ‘tired parents' can get their family finances in shape 


9 May 2015

Holly explains why giving kids a JISA beats a toy every time

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