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Holly has accounts with all the providers on our website and independently reviews all of them.

This business is growing fast and is a fundamentally safe bet for many investors who want a fair price and decent service. The secure site has been gradually improving over the last 12 months as has the app, which is easy to navigate. The supporting research and market information is strong. Sometimes the website lets me down when I'm trying to do things - move money or transfer accounts. But these occasional glitches can be overlooked - in general it's a good solution and deserves its success.

Holly MackayFounder and CEO of Boring Money

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Overall Summary

Ease of use

It’s a traditional site and relatively easy to navigate, although the lack of signposting isn’t helpful for newbies. There is plenty of information available with consumer-friendly language and research, but it could be more visually appealing. Tools, like the slider that compares product costs, are useful in visualising platform fees. Behind the scenes trading is simple and it’s clear to navigate around

Mobile & Apps

AJ Bell’s mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Through the app users can sign up, research, and purchase investments, as well as just simply add money to your account. On iOS devices the app can be linked to the control center and there’s the option of two-factor authentication if security is your thing. Overall the app is very clean and easy to use despite looking rather boring! 

Behind the scenes

The secure site has been much improved. It’s clear to navigate around and it’s one of the easiest platforms for trading. Post trade things are played back simply which might seem obvious but many others could learn a lesson from this!

Investment Choice


  • Stocks and Shares ISA

  • Junior ISA

  • Lifetime ISA

  • Shares

  • Pension

Investments available

  • Own brand funds

  • Funds from other groups

  • Stocks and shares

Investment help

  • Robo advice / ready-made portfolios

  • Help building a portfolio

  • Includes a shortlist of investments

  • Pick your own funds

  • Pick your own shares

The 'Geeky' Details

Provider details

AJ Bell Youinvest is a low-cost option for people who are comfortable with investing. There are loads of investment options – including individual shares and funds. It does also have a range of low-cost all-in-one passive funds for those who want someone else to do the heavy lifting. Charges start off at 0.25% for the platform, excluding any fund charges. This tiers down for large portfolios, with a 0.1% fee on amounts over £250k and no further charges once you reach the £500k mark. There is also a cap on shares, with a maximum fee of £3.50 per month.

This tends to make them pretty cheap, whether you have a small or large portfolio containing shares or funds. There are fund and share dealing charges, £1.50 and £9.95 respectively, so there are cheaper options available for those that regularly invest small amounts into multiple funds. 

Important Facts & Figures

Provider Size:

Large firm which is listed on the LSE and FTSE 250. Manages over £12b on behalf of investors and financial advisers.

Minimum amounts:

£25 minimum monthly amount
£500 minimum initial amount for third party funds. £1 minimum investment into AJ Bell passive funds.