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as of 17/03/2021 at 4:58 pm

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This is a new addition to the ISA scene and is worth a look for those who want a simple, ready-made collection of sustainable investments with minimum hassle. The website is not as flash as some and getting set up won’t be the slickest digital experience BUT the costs are fair, the investment process thorough and you will know that your money is aiming to do well and do good. Nice.

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The Big Exchange are a unique proposition with a sole focus on sustainability and making a positive contribution to people and the planet.

Investment options have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they align with the platform’s principles, with each fund given an independent rating in the form of a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. Every investment option needs to prove how it helps people and the planet to be awarded a medal.

Investors can select specific funds that align with their values or choose from one of 3 ready-made bundles that consist of multiple funds which The Big Exchange have selected, each catering to a different risk-appetite.

The Big Exchange charge a platform fee of 0.25% a year, plus fund manager fees, which vary between 0.8% to 1.8% each year. With an average investment charge of 1.2%, a £10,000 investment would cost £12.08 a month, all-in.

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