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A 'robo' adviser offers up ready-made portfolios and so costs include both admin and investment charges.
A platform is for those who prefer to pick their own investments – the costs may look cheaper here as we only include the admin charges – the investment fees will typically add another £25 - £75 per £10,000 managed, depending on what you pick.

Grubby behaviour

We try really hard to keep our consumer reviews genuine and representative. As a final step, an administrator checks every review before publishing. If you have any questions please contact us here or send a letter to Boring Money Ltd, 7 Stratford Place, Marylebone, London, W1C 1AY.

How we make money

Most of our revenue comes from providing research and consultancy services the industry. As the costs of building our website grow, we have also started to activate “introducer revenues” for some of the provider sites you click through to. Look out for the colour orange on the site. This is us being as clear as we can be when anything on our pages has a commercial benefit to us, or is a sponsored arrangement. More info is available here

By default our tables sort on the basis of (1) “Most Popular” providers based on customer choice (2) Descending order of the Boring Money customer recommendation score.

Pricing may vary depending on money invested, transaction value and trading frequency. We have selected the pricing tiers we believe to be relevant to the largest number of investors.