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Nice, easy to use, simple to open an account and use. Moneybox has found a niche for those who want to start investing with minimum fuss, on an app - and make it easy! I personally think it's a little annoying I can't see more about where my money is invested, if I try and dig. But I'm probably not their target market so I will say no more about my Boomer grizzle! Customers love it and it's a very low-touch way to dip a toe into the world of investing and ISAs. Nice. Parents - tell your (18+) kids?

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There are three core investment choices in Moneybox: the Cautious fund; the Balanced fund and the Adventurous fund.

Costs range from 0.57-0.75% a year plus a £1 a month subscription fee. The percentage fee is made up of 0.45% for the platform administration and a fund charge ranging from 0.12-0.30% – the Cautious option will be cheaper than the Adventurous option as shares cost a bit more to manage.

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Growing start-up with some big friends under the bonnet

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"I've got a Stock and Shares ISA with Moneybox. I recently invested a £5000 lump sum with them, and I'm making regular weekly investments of £75. When I invested the £5000, the share price was quite high based on the performance of the fund. I'm just wondering whether I made a mistake investing the lump sum in one go, and whether I should have drip fed it into the account in the same way as my weekly deposits? If so, should I withdraw and start to drip feed it back in?"

Tim, West Midlands


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