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Holly has accounts with all the providers on our website and independently reviews all of them.

The digital advice journey will appeal to those who don’t feel confident about investing. The process is long, but there are some nice ‘gamified’ things to test attitudes to risk. Once this is completed, the online reporting and information is underwhelming.

Holly Mackay Holly Mackay
Holly Mackay Holly Mackay

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Overall Summary

Ease of use

The Digital Investment Advice service is relatively clear and easy to use. They suggest the whole process takes about 25 mins from start to finish. The service asks questions about your risk tolerance, how you feel about loss and what your timeframes are. It's actually more fun than most to complete this. The charges and risks and what you might make / lose are played back visually and clearly. Interactive tools to clarify costs and potential returns based on investment would be a bonus.

Behind the scenes

This is regulated advice so there are 7 questions upfront which will check to see if you should be investing in the first place - and if not, the service will kick you out! But it's sensible stuff.

The actual product / investment mix you will end up in are a set of multi-asset funds run by Santander's asset management division. They're built to be fairly steady (for investments) and there is nothing too eye-watering available. It's quite vanilla stuff.

A nice option for those new to investing, who like the idea that there is help to guide them in along with the convenience of access via online banking.

Investment Choice


  • Stocks and Shares ISA

  • Junior ISA

  • Investment Account

Investments available

  • Own brand funds

  • Funds from other groups

Investment help

  • Robo advice / ready-made portfolios

  • Pick your own funds

The 'Geeky' Details

Provider details

Santander Digital Adviser is the bank's new service and is regulated financial advice delivered online for a £20 advice fee.

Lots of questions test how you feel about risk and how you want your investments to behave. There's a strong behavioral finance slant.

At the end of the questionnaire, you can buy a suitability report for £20 which will tell you how to invest and start.

This option will lead to a range of Santander 'multi-asset funds' and will not suit those looking for broader fund choice or the ability to trade shares. The older Investment Hub offers access to third-party funds although it's not the best option on the market if you're after full choice.

Costs are £20 for the advice, the platform or administration fee costs 0.35% a year and then the underlying funds cost from 0.34% a year to 0.49% a year, depending on the mix of assets contained. Expect to pay about 0.8% a year all-in plus the initial outlay of £20 for the suitability report.

Important Facts & Figures

Provider Size:

New investment service from the high street bank. Clearly a major global player.

Minimum amounts:

£20 minimum monthly investment after investing a £100 lump sum
£500 minimum investment if not investing monthly