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AJ Bell Youinvest - Stocks and Shares ISA

AJ Bell Youinvest is a relatively low cost option for people with some levels of comfort around investing. Will confuse the less confident as there's lots of choice and it can take a while to wade through it all. Website a bit less slick than some. Decent research and updates. Helpful low cost all-in-one passive funds for those who want someone else to do the heavy lifting.

We think this suits more confident investors who know an ETF from a fund. If you aren't a confident investor then start with a look at their pre-packaged fund range – AJ Bell Passive funds. It's also a decent bet for those with DIY pensions.

In a nutshell

  • Low cost
  • Also strong on pensions
  • Good research and content

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Stocks & Shares ISA

77% of you do AJ Bell

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From 0.25% + investment charges

Minimum investment amount

£500 or £25 a month

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Confident Investor


Depends on the investment choices you make. Their new AJ Bell Passive funds only launched in April 2017, so we don't have performance data yet.

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"Automation has left my last monthly contribution high and dry (i.e. not invested) because account charges were first debited (ref: c£4.00 from £2500 contribution!) - and computer saw "insufficient" money in my account! This is poor customer treatment obviously. Customer Service Advice is to do a manual top up, and a manual investment, this month. This is clunky in my view. I have cooled on AJ Bell."

November 2020

"Today the site could not handle the load due to the Covid vaccine news, and I could not get on and trade at all. This has cost me money. When I tried to raise it with the customer service team it was just ignored. I am pretty sure that I will be caching out and moving to another provider shortly. Bad, bad service and when I needed them they were not there!"

November 2020

"Cheap. Happy to hold Japanese company stocks. Use Dealing account. Provide excellent CGT tax schedule at the year end. Found it difficult to set up account at the outset. Would not accept SIPP because of unquoted stocks. Don’t use Research - Hargreaves Lansdown better."

November 2020

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