Willis Owen - Stocks and Shares ISA

One of the long-standing discount broker brands, they recently spruced up their website. There's a wide choice of investments, including funds, shares, investment trusts etc. You can open ISAs, Junior ISAs and pensions.

Costs are OK, starting at 0.4% for smaller portfolios.


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  • Wide investment range
  • Frustrating user experience
  • Nice research and content

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From 0.4% + investment charges

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Confident Investor


Depends on which funds you pick. No in-house funds or pre-packaged portfolios. 

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"Excellent service from their customer-facing staff and and as a whole the company has provided what is says on the tin. BUT management seem unable to grasp the basic needs of a private investor who chooses to put their savings into investments, rather than cash, solely to get income, with capital growth largely irrelevant. Namely - the need to view how much was paid for a particular trust, what the current value is and most importantly, how much income has it generated since purchase, both as currency and as a percentage of the original purchase cost and in the last, say, 12 months. In other words how the investment compares if the purchase cost had been left in cash to gain interest over the same time. It seems impossible to derive this information in simple form, which is a shame as it would allow income performance for each trust to be compared and appropriate and active trading decisions to be taken on a continuing basis. This was explained to management some time back but not much progress has been made."

October 2020

"Friendly helpful staff able to help customers to understand the intricacies of some of the web pages without being patronising. A very helpful and useful team."

January 2020

"Not the cheapest."

January 2020