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This is a nice simple journey

For someone fed up with the traditional torrents of jargon and looking for something a bit more 2022! Read our review on it here

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Holly's View

Holly has accounts with all the providers on our website and independently reviews all of them.

A nice user-friendly robo adviser which actually feels like a pleasure to use. Clear graphical interfaces make things easy. A major stake held by household name Aviva adds credibility. A good option for beginners who don’t want to pick their own investments.

Holly MackayFounder and CEO of Boring Money

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Overall Summary

Ease of use

The website is super simple, easy to use and it’s great on mobile too. Wealthify presents plenty of information up front about what’s involved, telling you what returns you can expect, what you’d be charged and what your investments would be before you even hand over a name. There are nice interactive tools, of which the risk slider is particularly useful to the end user; accompanied by clear, jargon-free text with good detail. Account set-up was smooth. 

Mobile & Apps

We really like the Wealthify app. It’s clean and has great usability, such as a very simple and easy to understand view of performance. The display of your investments by type and region is interactive, slick and very user friendly. And it is possible to sign up as a customer through the app. Our only gripe is not being able to top-up your investments without manually setting up a bank transfer or doing so by cheque (if those still exist!). 

Behind the scenes

The service works really smoothly and is even a pleasure to use (which is rare!). The dashboards and reporting are clear, and information is very easy to find across the account page. Our only issue is it lacks some additional detail for a more experienced or engaged investor wanting to know a bit more about their investments, however there is enough information to suit most.

Investment Choice


  • Stocks and Shares ISA

  • Junior ISA

  • Investment Account

  • Pension

Investments available

  • Ethical investments

  • Chosen for you

Investment help

  • Robo advice / ready-made portfolios

The 'Geeky' Details

Provider details

Wealthify is a robo-adviser, that lets you invest as little as £1. Aviva recently completed its acquisition, so it has a big household name as an owner. Our testing shows that this really appeals to people who are fed up with the status quo and want to see something a bit different.

Investors are asked about their goal (they can select from a list, or choose freely), how much they want to invest upfront, how long for and whether they want to invest monthly. There are five different investment styles, each with their respective portfolios that are spread around the world and amongst different sorts of investments – you don't pick your own funds and shares.

Cost is around 0.8% per year, including Wealthify's fee and the cost of the underlying investments. This goes up to around 1.25% for the ethical investment portfolios.

Important Facts & Figures

Minimum amounts:

£1 minimum monthly amount
£1 minimum initial amount