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I really like this. It feels very fresh and current – easy to use and actually quite a nice experience. As with most you will have to pick your own risk profile without much help so you’ll have to get your head around this. But I love the way you can add a little flavour of customisation in a simple way – nominating just a little portion of your investment to back water, clean energy or health. I also like the way others can contribute, leaving messages too. I can imagine grandparents liking this. For less confident investors and parents, this is a lovely looking choice.

Holly MackayHolly Mackay
Holly MackayFounder and CEO of Boring Money

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Overall Summary

Ease of use

Known as Hapi Plan until February 2022. Nosso’s actual investment interface can only be accessed through their app. They do have a website, but this is more for information about Nosso such as pricing, products and what you can invest in. The website is easy to navigate and has a clear layout, which is reflected in the app. 

Mobile & Apps

Nosso’s app is very simple and well designed. The goal of investing for your children is clearly evident in the design of the app, with lots of graphics incorporated into the interface. Investments can easily be viewed on one screen and are set up under different customisable goals. Each goal is set up under a different account – either a GIA or JISA – for which investment themes and risk levels can be personalised.

Behind the scenes

Nosso’s app has some great features. Their chat feature mimics a WhatsApp conversation with quick responses and helpful answers to specific queries, sending messages directly through to their team so you don’t get any automated irrelevant responses. Links to their blog are also integrated into the app, which is easy to find, fits mobile dimensions well and providing interesting and informative articles which are relevant to parents of young children.

Clicking on an investment goal shows a portfolio breakdown but not with huge amounts of detail. The app is a little sparse on tools, and adding a bit more investment analysis and some calculators would make useful additions to what is a sleek, functional app.

Investment Choice


  • General Investment Account

  • Junior ISA

The 'Geeky' Details

Provider details

The latest in a set of UK start-ups to disrupt the investment industry, Nosso is an app designed to help parents plan and invest for their children’s future. The app allows parents to open a Junior ISA or a General Investment Account to start contributing towards future expenses such as their first car, deposit for a first home or university fees. Based on the goal selected, the age of the child and the selected investments, the app suggests a monthly contribution required to keep the goal on track.

Nosso also has a couple of really nice touches that makes the goal more personal. The app allows other people to contribute to the goals, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. This is practical and something quite innovative in the investment sector, making it different to other apps in the market. They also offer the option to add a memory every time a contribution is made towards a goal, and saves all of these for the child to view when they access the funds at the age of 18. Memories can be in the form of messages or photos, which can be a nice way of documenting important childhood moments.

Investment choices have a sustainable focus, offering a selection of 3 globally diversified core ESG investments, depending on risk level. Users can add a 10% allocation to either Clean Energy, Global Water and Healthcare, or alternatively a combination of all 3. Portfolio risk-level is self-selected, which could be a little tricky for beginner investors to decide on, and perhaps a bit more guidance around this area would be useful.

Nosso charge a 0.50% platform fee, with additional fund management charges costing between 0.25% and 0.30% depending on what you select. The website does have a fees calculator that shows the annual fees in £ form depending on the amount invested – this provides real clarity on charges and is a nice touch for this type of long-term investing.

Overall, Nosso hit the mark with an easy-to-use, attractive JISA offering, providing a very user friendly interface that’s great for beginner investors looking to move away from holding their children’s savings in cash.

Important Facts & Figures

Minimum amounts:

£1 minimum monthly amount

Or start with a one-off lump sum