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Help us to make the finance industry better. Oh - and earn a few quid on the side.

We want to know what you make of investment and pensions products

We’ll call on you a few times a year to:

  • Answer surveys, try stuff out and share your thoughts

  • Fight back against jargon, crappy comms and nonsensical websites

  • Arm us with insights we take to the industry to help them improve your services

  • Tell us who is good, bad and downright ugly..?

Sometimes it’s a quick email to ask for an immediate opinion. But sometimes it’s a more involved survey or interview. We will pay typical market research rates for your time on these more involved projects.

We're Over 500 strong and counting

The finance industry has got better. But there’s still a long way to go to become clear, transparent, fair and engaging. We want to talk to everyone, whether you are a Confident Colonel or a brand new Rookie. Because it’s time to table the customer view.

To join the Army you need to:

  • Use money

  • Live in the UK

  • Have opinions

What you have helped us to do

Putting confidence top of the agenda

You told us that only 14% of you feel confident opening an investment account, largely because of the ways firms communicate (or don’t communicate).

Over the last couple of years, we’ve weaved this problem into most of our conversations – and it seems to be working! Human language springing up on websites, fee structure simplification, and even attempts at humour on tube ads. You’re slowly making your mark.

Tackling greenwashing and sustainable disclosure

Sustainable, or ESG investing, is booming. But the disclosures are a bit poor and it’s very hard to work out who does this well. And who is bluffing. We’ve talked to lots of Army members about what you want to see, what’s important to you – and we’ve even asked you to design an ideal fund factsheet too.

(More than a) Penny For Your Thoughts

Sometimes we have a quick question. And we like to think you’ll help us out with a quick reply. But sometimes we would like more of your time. When our questions are more detailed, we’ll pay you for your time. You scratch our backs and we scratch yours! Some of our readers are happy to help because they want the industry to hear their pleas for mercy – no more jargon and gobbledygook. If that’s you we can always make a contribution to the charity of your choice.