This is the bit of our site which explains financial products in plain English *#^*

We all know that sinking feeling of when the time comes to do something with your money. It's down there with going to the dentist or watching a 6-year-old practice the violin.

Trouble is this means our cash can sit limply in our current accounts, we um and ah about insurance and we sit on the sidelines of the investment markets... thinking that we should but we can't.

Give us 5 minutes today and we'll show you how to get started. And start to get this stuff under control. OK – which of the below sums up what you need? 

I know what I need to do, just help me choose a decent product.
Visit our Best Buys page » 

My head hurts. I haven’t the foggiest where to start!?
We suggest our 60 second Quick Quiz »

I want to read up on a particular product or thing. I need to understand a bit more. 
You're in the right place in ‘Learn’ – simply pick your topic and get reading

There’s loads of information in the Learn section and lots of ways to digest it.

Each product page will share the basics, give you some stats & facts, and share some tips on what to do.

We’ve got Factsheets to save, print and read at your leisure.

And Audio guides to listen to on your commute, the school run or whilst you clean the kitchen.

Or short Videos, to explain what’s what.

Finally there’s also a series of Articles which help you work out what to do.

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